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DJ Style Show by House You Direct Ep095


DJ Style Show by House You Direct Ep095

DJ Style Presents Norty Cotto

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At #6 on Mixcloud Latin House, #13 on Mixcloud Tribal House & #21 on Mixcloud Latin charts.

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DJ Style Show by House You Direct Ep095

Born and raised in New York City, Engineer, producer and dj, Norty Cotto has been at his craft for over 25 years. Learning his dj skills while still in grammar school from a neighborhood friend inspired his desire and passion for music. Like most dj`s he started out doing birthday parties, weddings and block parties. Always wondering how the music that he loved to play was created, he went on to become a recording engineer. With his musical influences of salsa, hip hop and disco and his engineering skills, he took to the studio and began recording for some of the hottest artists and genres of the moment. His first engineering project was for an artist named NOEL on a track called “Silent Morning”, which went on to become a huge dance hit and established Norty as an engineer. Norty has teamed up with successful acts in the music field working on records from old school hip hop and house to the energetic sounds of merengue. He has also recorded projects with artists ranging from KRS ONE, GANGSTAR, THE NOTORIOUS BIG, 2 IN A ROOM and FULANITO to name a few from his diverse discography. Norty also got involved with engineering remix projects for remixers such as TODD TERRY, LITTLE LOUIE VEGA, TONY HUMPHRIES and DJ PREMIER. Along with his recording projects he decided to go into production and remixes as well. He started out with productions of freestyle in the early days, house music and even merengue. He’s done remixes for big artists like RIHANNA, RICKY MARTIN, LISA STANSFIELD, CELIA CRUZ, NINA SKY, NEYO, ANASTASIA, THALIA and many more.

One of his first house production projects was “BINGO BONGO” by The Minutemen which was also his first licensing deal with overseas label Champion records and the house music has kept flowing with releases under monikers such as Da Kulprits, Second Soul, Emanon, Bad Boy Orchestra and Groove Legion to name a few. In the mid 90`s he was dubbed the king of latin house due to his latin infused house tracks at the time with hits like “Do U WANNA DANCE” (ARROZ CON POLLO), ”BOMBA” and his biggest latin house track “TUMBA LA CASA”.

With all of his studio projects keeping him busy spinning records was still his first true love. His dj skills have also taken Norty abroad to play for music lovers in Germany, England, Italy and various locations overseas. He also runs his own record labels: Naughty Boy Music and Big Room Sound with both catering to the different genres of house music.


DJ Style Show by House You Direct Ep095

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