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Home Repairs Weighing You Down?

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Need to Sell a House with Code Violations or Major House Repairs?

If your property needs home repairs, you may have experienced that it's much harder to sell in this market. Sometimes it can be impossible to find a buyer.

Lenders will not approve a loan on a property that needs excessive home repairs or is not to building code and has Code Violations by code enforcement.

More often than not, buyers are picky because they have so many properties to choose from. You may need a good handyman or qualified contractor to do any house repair work.

When you don’t have the means or the time to do the house repairs before putting it on the market and pass building code, it can become unmarketable. Home improvement is needed.

In some cases, if code enforcement red tags the house you can be subject to fines or even lose the property if you don’t take care of the required Home Repair.

If you are in that situation, no worries you are not alone! Let your fix up be our burden. We are in a position to pay cash for your property and deal with any Home Repairs after we close and you got your money. Get started today and see if your property can qualify for our buying criteria!

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